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About Us

Timothy Winfield is the beneficiary of a legacy of clear vision and conceptual awareness placing building ideas into reality. Timothy has inherited a century of workmanship experience in building homes, churches, apartments, offices and structures of numerous types. Beginning with Timothy’s great great grandfather as a contractor in construction, there is no doubt building is in his DNA. Leander Winfield, Sr. son of William Winfield played an instrumental role in the development of several city structures in his hometown community of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 


Leander Winfield II “Brother”, a man of phenomenal ability for building and workmanship. 


Leander Winfield II. led a crew of men with a variety of craftsmanship to create an array of projects in his hometown community. Projects varying in size from buildings, homes, apartments, offices and churches. He and his wife Alice played a vital role in the community as entrepreneurs. Throughout their lifetime as visionaries they engaged in ownership of cafe’s, grocery store’s, delivery business’s, and a cab stand throughout the Greater Baton Rouge area. 


With generations of experience the Winfield Legacy continues..

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